A direct passport to snow for skaters and hockey players. This really is the fastest way to enjoy the slope! Don’t just take our word for it – The world’s

largest sports expo rated Sled Dogs Snowskates as one of the best new winter hardware products of 2017!

What the pros Have to say

Arron Asham - NHL

"I didn't like the feel of the long ski in front of me, felt like I had no control. With Sled Dogs inside and outside edge design, its more like a hockey skate than a ski."

John-Michael Liles- NHL

"Day one on the Sled Dogs was a fantastic time. The whole thing was pretty amazing so close to skating a lot easier than skiing. I am gonna try to get my daughter 3.5 yrs old on these very soon"

John Schiavo IIHF

"Sled Dogs Snowskates give you feeling like you are on the ice but on the slopes."