Direct passport to snow for Skaters, Hockey players and Skiers. The fastest way to enjoy the slopes! 

Pavel Barber

"Knew I had to try these from the moment I saw the video. Can confirm these are an absolute blast to skate on! Can't believe I'm skating on snow! Gonna be heading up to the mountains a lot more now."

 3x Canadian National Athlete

John-Michael Liles- NHL

"Day one on the Sled Dogs was a fantastic time. The whole thing was pretty amazing so close to skating, a lot easier than skiing. I am gonna try to get my daughter 3.5 yrs old on these very soon"

NHL Veteran

Brian McGrattan - NHL

"Like I've never skied snowboarded, nothing in my life. Threw these on for 10 minutes and went up that hill, first time I did it and... it was like... crazy! The weight management is easy to pickup. I think I'd be able to stick handle down the hill! 10/10"


Skate Comparison

Halden - Intro

The Halden is an excellent beginner skate. This skate is perfect for people who have limited ice skating experience and little to no skiing or snowboarding experience. 


The Hygen and Lunde are great for speed and touring around the slopes. Excellent for Intermediate Ice skaters or individuals with few days experience on the slopes skiing or snowboarding in the past. 


The K9.02 is the premier choice of hockey players, advanced ice skaters and the shredders who want to Learn Fast, Go Fast and the first Olympian on skates.