A direct passport to snow for skaters and hockey players. This really is the fastest way to enjoy the slope! Don’t just take our word for it – The world’s

largest sports expo rated Sled Dogs Snowskates as one of the best new winter hardware products of 2017!

What the pros Have to say

Arron Asham - NHL

"I didn't like the feel of the long ski in front of me, felt like I had no control. With Sled Dogs inside and outside edge design, its more like a hockey skate than a ski."

PJ DiMartino - IIHF

"First time I went down a mountain was with Sled Dogs Snowskates and I was so comfortable I felt like I'd been doing it for years."

John Schiavo IIHF

"Sled Dogs Snowskates give you feeling like you are on the ice but on the slopes."