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How it started

Sled Dogs is an innovative new approach to the slopes. A mixture of modern technology with advanced Ski and Snowboard background + lifelong experience on the ice gave birth to the first ever true quiver sport in the industry. Allowing both ice skaters and skiers to learn a new sport almost instantly that gives a whole new dynamic to sliding on snow. 

The guys behind Sled Dogs Snowskates in North America are Yannick Jutras a long time skater and pure blood Canadian and Kevin Greco of Anchorage, Alaska. 

Kevin has always been an avid skier, growing up skiing the mountains of Alaska in his youth to over 45 of the worlds peaks in his mid 20's. "Skating on snow for me was the natural next step in the evolution. I wanted me hockey buddies to be able to hold their own on the slopes with me and with Sled Dogs Snowskates, they can on their very first day."

Snow Skates combine the freedom and aggressive movements of inline skates and ice skates, with the freedom and challenge of skiing and snowboarding.

What are Snow Skates?

Snow Skates are exactly what they sound like, “SKATES that you can use on SNOW”! Plain and simple! Anyone who knows how to use ice skates or inline skates or quads or roller blades or skis, knows how to use Sled Dogs Snowskates.

To be a bit on the technical side; Sled Dogs are built into an extremely comfortable light boot, with an integrated unique base/ski with steel edges for maximum control. The base/ski is fixed to the skate.

Snow Skates are easy and fast to learn & extremely compact!

All you need is a pair of Snow Skates, no skis or poles (or ski lifts for that matter), just some snow. You can skate on pavements, in parking lots, streets and mountains around the world. Not to mention in the garden, down hills, in the woods, and of course on the slopes. With Sled Dogs Snow Skates, you can skate anywhere there is snow!