A beautiful friendship in a beautiful place!

But for this dream to have any chance of actually happening, three things were needed. Top of the list was the formation of an international snowskating tournament, and Ingi was instrumental in pushing for, competing in and spreading the word about BONEFIGHT, which began life as an idea in 2013/14 before launching officially in 2015/16.

Snowskates USA

The second step to Ingi’s dream was putting Akureyri on the snow sports map – and in 2014 David Gunnarsson and Axel Vidarsson launched the Iceland Winter Games, which quickly grew into multi-event fixture.

The third thing was Ingi himself, without whom the pieces of the jigsaw would never have been put together. As the world’s most famous snowskater and Akureyri native, Ingi personally brought the two events (BONEFIGHT and the ICELAND WINTER GAMES) together, with the same sheer willpower and enthusiasm that has made his name as an athlete.

With both events bursting with excitement and on an upward trajectory, gaining more momentum and exposure with each season’s success, the party in Akureyri looks set to be one of the hottest dates on the 2018 winter sporting calendar. The BONEFIGHT event will see the world’s top snowskaters battle it out in what is sure to be a memorable season finalé, taking centre stage on Saturday evening under the Northern Lights.

As is now traditional for the Sled Dogs family, the BONEFIGHT season finalé will also see everybody involved making a weekend of it for the annual SNOWFEST social event for Sled Dogs fans and friends from around the world – come and join us in beautiful Iceland for a memorable event, the world’s best snowskating show, and a friendly welcome! Find out more here.